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Obama’s Grandmother in spirit November 5, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit.
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Before writing this post, I wish to make it clear that I am NOT making any claims what so ever to be in communication with the spirit of Obama’s grand mother who passed into eternal life several days before he won the 2008 Presidential election.  To do so would be very disrespectful. The thoughts that follow are born out of my perspective and experience as a psychic medium.

When I heard  that the grand mother who raised Obama for many years in Hawaii, was ill and close to leaving her body, I thought a great deal about the timing of what was happening.  While many people felt that this was an extremely inopportune time for her to start making her transition into eternal life, I had a sense that it was a great time for her.  I put myself in her place and wondered “If I were her spirit, and I knew that it was coming close to the time of my passing, would I want to pass before or after the victory election?”  My answer is that if I were her spirit, I would want to move close to passing before the election, give my grandson time to come see me, and then I would want to be free of my physical body, so that my spirit could travel and be part of the festivities. I would not want to be trapped in my physical body, but free to be part of the election, the victory and the celebrations.

From my perspective as a psychic medium, the spirit of Obama’s grandmother will be around him. Again, I am making NO claim about that possibility, but stating it because of all the readings I have done where evidence has come through that proves the spirit of a loved one is around the client I am reading for. I have every reason to believe that this woman, who loved him so much and did so much to help him become the person he is today, will be with him in spirit.  From my perspective, she will be around him to help him with his presidency.


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1. Nora - November 5, 2008

I agree with you totally on this, and am sure that most grandmothers given the choice, would elect to go before such a special event. I know perhaps that the new President Elect would dearly have loved her to be either at the celebrations with he rest of the family – or at the other end of a telephone – but – not her – so physically ill – I am so convinced that she much prefers to be liberated – and such a grand determined lady will not have missed a minute of the excitement … I like it that you layno claims about being in contact with her – and add that this is because you are a good Medium and know that she would not waste a minute looking for a Medium to communicate through – when it was such a prestigious time for her Grandson – as an English Woman – I would Like to add – ‘ God Bless America’ – indeed I know he has – this is a wonderful new opportunity welcomed by all thinking people

2. Carole Lynne - November 5, 2008

My Dearest Nora,

It is always a privledge and pleasure for us when you visit our blog. Thank you so much in sharing our excitement in America at this moment. While you are an English Woman, I know that you are very much part of our celebration here in America and that having visited us many times in the US you understand on a deep level, how excited and proud so many of us are today. And I know that those who are saddened today that their candidate did not win, will support our new President. As Americans we come together after an election.

I think all Americans, and thoughtful people around the world know that this is a crucial time for our world in many ways. We must all work together as a global community.

Thanks again for your blog visit Nora.

3. Ron M. - November 5, 2008

It is really interesting to me that you are speaking about the choice of when to die in respect to Madelyn Dunham. I feel we all execute some degree of choice over when our time is due. I believe this was truly a remarkable woman who knew that in her frail condition it would be impossible for her to join in with the festivities. I felt very keenly that from the other side of life, she was able to do much more for him AND to help with the celebration than could be done in her physical condition.

I am so pleased that America has spoken so plainly and so very pleased that at last we seem to have broken through the barriers that have prevented certain people from achieving the highest position this country affords. My heart was lighter when, at 1:00 this morning I awoke to the words running through my mind “We have a new president. It’s Barack Obama.” When I logged onto my computer, the information was verified and it was clear that the victory was a run-away.

While I am very pleased with the outcome, I also know that it could have gone in another direction and I might be filled with anxiety over what would happen in the next four years rather than filled with excitement and that others would be feeling the excitement that I am now feeling. I feel that we have seen that the best chance of change will come through our new President and now the slate feels clean. What a wonderful and exciting historic moment to witness and may God’s infinite grace and wisdom lead President Obama and this country into truth.

4. MaryLee Trettenero - November 5, 2008

Thank you Carol for writing about Barack’s grandmother in spirit. I am happy with the outcome of the election. I consider Chicago my hometown and I visited Grank Park many times as a child. What a historic moment for our country and the world. The timing of Obama’s grandmother’s passing does seem profound. In the world of spirit she’s able to continue to exert influence over him. As a psychic, when I thought of his grandmother, I got an impression of seeing long lines and having a more global view of election day. I wonder what grandma is up to today? Probably hugging and kissing Michelle, Barack and their kids and staying close. This moment feels so magical and mystical.

5. Carole Lynne - November 5, 2008

Hi MaryLee,

Thanks for joining us on this historic day. You are right. This day does feel magical and mystical. I know that we have alot of world problems to solve, but I have not felt as much hope in years.

6. Nora - November 6, 2008

I just popped in to say how encouraging it is for you Carole to receive such positive responses from everyone – [can I squeeze in a Hello and I hope you are well Ron] – and say it is also nice to meet MaryLee.
We spoke of your Blog when I was with you last – and I am delighted that it is doing so well.

7. Carole Lynne - November 6, 2008

Hi Nora,

“Pop in” any time. We love to have you on the blog. I have just started a new category called “Spiritual Education” which I will add a post to every week. Since you are a teacher, we will value it greatly if you “pop in” and make comments about the posts in the education category whenever you get a chance.

LOVE to hear from you.

8. Nora - November 6, 2008

Thanks Carole – I will be happy to help in any way I can

9. Ron M. - November 6, 2008

Nora – how kind of you to say hello. It is wonderful to see your comments on the blog. It makes me feel like an ocean apart isn’t such a great distance. But then again, working with spirit makes me realize how everything is connected anyway and that distance is an illusion.

10. MaryLee Trettenero - November 7, 2008

Ditto – I’m in Mexico right now and it indeed feels like a small world. There are many Canadians where I’m staying and everyone is discussing the US election and how it impacts their countries. I’m sure the Other Side is having a field day! Thank you Nora for your kind comments.

11. Carole Lynne - November 7, 2008

Hi MaryLee in Mexico,

I think many around the world have been discussing our election. There is a feeling of hope from many people, and naturally there are also critics. But what else is new?

Good to hear from you. Come back often.

12. Sabrina DeVaney - November 7, 2008

Wonderful thoughts, Carole. And beautifully put.

In a moment of ecstatic elation, as President-elect walked on stage to make his acceptance speech, I said to my 22-year-old son, “I wish his grandmother could have held on just long enough to see this.”

“Oh, she sees it!” he replied. To which, I silently went, “Duh!”

When I relayed this story to my friend, her response was, “She had the best seat in the house!”

After settling down after the election speeches and media hoopla, like you, I thought a great deal about the timing of Obama’s grandmother’s Graduation, if you will, and had thoughts similar as yours. Has her amazing Spirit chosen to depart the physical after the election, President-elect Obama would not have had ample time to be at her side prior to her leaving. With his new position he has exactly 75 days following the election to put together his cabinet and he must accomplish this in conjunction with moving his family, and going through all the end-of-year holiday fanfare; on top of which he must also prepare for Inauguration Day. Taking all this into consideration: Grandmother Obama left in perfect timing ( as we all do).

May we all always remember that our Spirit knows better than our logical brain!

Creator blest,
– Sabrina

13. Carole Lynne - November 7, 2008

Hi Sabrina,

Thank you SO much for this post. I LOVE the story of your what your son said and how you responded LOL.

Great to hear from you. Keep coming back to see us.

Thanks for adding your picture to your post.

14. Martha - November 11, 2008

Hi Carole…I love what you wrote about Obama’s Grandmother. When one energy passes to another level, another enters. When I heard about Obama’s Grandmother passing, I knew he would win the election. I couldn’t tell anyone, but, it all came together for me with that news. I believe that the new energy in Obama’s life will be many energies. Of course, his Grandmother will always be with him in Spirit. Everything certainly does happen for a reason. Thanks. Love and Peace…Martha

15. Carole Lynne - November 11, 2008

Hi Martha,

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I am glad to hear you had some of the same feelings that I did.

Stop by often.

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