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Vote Vote Vote November 4, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Spiritual Priority.
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Voting IS a spiritual priority. How often in our lives do we complain about something yet do nothing about it.  If we are going to change our world and our personal lives, we have to take actions.  How fortunate we are to live in a country where we can vote.

When I voted this morning I felt elated. I hope I feel as happy when I hear the results tonight. I am grateful we have the freedom to vote.


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1. Ron M. - November 4, 2008

Whatever the variety of opinions people have regarding the candidates, they are none-the-less our candidates. If we neglect the responsibility to vote we are forfeiting our independence to the wishes and wills of others.

In politics, especially at election time, we see some of the best of people and some of the worst of people. It becomes the task of someone who is conscientious and spiritually minded to verify what can be verified and forget about the rest. THEN we have to vote along our own consciences.

I have not understood why some people encourage others to vote and don’t even register themselves. I know of such an individual who was part of my life some time ago. This is an especially critical time in the United States and no matter what happens with the election, history will be set. We will either have our first Black American President or our first female Vice President.

How we vote reflects who we are as a people, what we value. What do we want to say to the world about who we are? I hope that whatever happens, we are able to show through the electoral process that we are a people of high spiritual values. To me, it is no longer about who wins, although I want my candidate to win, but it is about the moral and ethical issues that come up whenever an election causes so much heated debate.

2. Diana - November 4, 2008

As an American living in Canada I can tell you, the Canadians pay very close attention to the political race. It ultimately has a profound affect on us as well. I suspect there will be as many Canadians as Americans viewing this election.

You are right, Ron, it is about the moral and ethical issues that arise during this process. That being said, I do hope my candidate wins as well…

3. Carole Lynne - November 4, 2008

Hi Ron and Diana,

It makes me feel good to see that those of us who have commented so far today, want what is best for the country and we are not trying to be political in our posts. While I feel quite passionate about who wins, I also respect the feelings of those who may not feel the same way I do about the choices.

No matter who one votes for, I think all of us feel that our country and our world has alot of problems to solve. We all need to help and make it our responsibility.

4. Raffaella - November 4, 2008

Hi everyone,

I agree that voting is so important, not just because the country is in the state of chaos right now, but also to help us feel personally empowered. I know that the whole country is sad right now. But I think that people who are psychically in tune or more sensitive are feeling this pain even more acutely than others. I think voting helps provide us with an outlet to feel like we are doing something and the act of doing is healing and theraputic.

5. Carole Lynne - November 4, 2008

Hi Raffaella,

Welcome and it is GREAT to see you on the blog.

I agree that the country is sad right now. And yes, those of us who are more sensitive to the “vibes” of people….feel the sadness more deeply.

Come back often Raffaella!

6. Raffaella - November 4, 2008

Hi Carole Lynne,

Thanks for the warm welcome! I will be back again soon! People’s comments seem helpful and soothing!

Take care,


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