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While Waiting For a Blood Test October 31, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Feeling Better.
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I went to the hospital this morning to get a blood test as part of a routine check up.  I had fasted last night after eight , woke up several times during the night fearing I would not get up in time, did get up early and got to the hospital lab by 7:00.

As I sat in the waiting room reading a book by Sri Aurobindo, and thinking about how much his philosophy means to me,  I remembered how much I have changed in the past years. Before I became involved in both Spiritualism and in the reading of books by great spiritual teachers and philosophers such as Sri Aurobindo, I would have sat in this waiting room creating every fear I could possibly drum up.  Just being IN a hospital would have been enough to send me into “anxiety mode.”

These days I do not have that same fear. I know that my body simply houses my soul. Of course I do not want to get sick, and if and when I do, I am sure I will have many fears. But my general level of fear has diminished since I became more involved in spiritual life.  I realize now that my soul will always be free and whole no matter what is happening to my body.

If you feel anxious, I recommend reading spiritual books. They are a great help.

What do you like to read?





1. Ron M. - October 31, 2008

For me, reading has taken on a wonderful role. Besides the intrinsic nature to teach or inform that reading something factual provides, the growth that takes place as a result can be powerful.

I love to read anything of a spiritual nature. I especially enjoy reading accounts of spiritual healers and healing, those such as Harry Edwards, Edgar Cayce and now the Canadian teen-ager who is getting such high acclaim, Adam. Deepak Chopra and the theory of Quantum Healing is fascinating.

Working in the medical field provides me with a different outlook about health. But the actual struggle through various medical situations, I feel, has provided me with subjective information that I couldn’t possibly have gained through working in a healthcare environment. It allows me to have a greater compassion for those who are in need of healing.

Being a Spiritualist and working in a healing capacity in the churches and other various groups to which I belong allows me to blend the spiritual with the physical, which I believe yields the best outcome. So when it is that I have spare time to read something, these days it is much more likely to be something about healing combined with spiritual transformation.

2. Carole Lynne - October 31, 2008

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your post and for recommending books about Harry Edwards and Edgar Cayce.

3. Dominique Tharp - October 31, 2008

I don’t read nearly as much as I would like any more, but I have recently had something happen that has got me re-energized to do some research on history. I had a dream recently in which I was an american in france in WWII. I was being taken somewhere in the back of a black vehicle, at night, and the driver was the younger brother of Charles de Gaulle. He was helping me and two other americans that were with me to get to somewhere that we needed to be. We were only allowed to speak french, or not speak at all, so no one would know that we were americans. When we arrived at our destination, an old stone building, we got out of the car and thanked de Gaulle’s brother in french. That is all I remember.
I couldn’t shake this dream, so several days later, I decided to research Charles de Gaulle, since I know next to nothing about him, except that he was the president of France at some point. I found that de Gaulle was a french military leader during WWII, well before he became president. I also discovered that de Gaulle did have a younger brother, Pierre, who was a member of the French Reisistance, an underground movement in France during WWII. The primary objective of the French Resistance was to aid the Allied forces in Europe by providing them information, supplies, etc. There was one movement in particular, the communist resistance, that was loyal to Charles de Gaulle.
This dream was so incredibly real to me, and so persistant, that it lead me to research and discover this information that now makes me believe I must have lived a past life. I was never a big believer in this idea until I met my husband fifteen years ago. I have always believed that he and I have been together for a very long time, perhaps several lives. We were both due to be born on the same day, however, I was born 28 days later because I was extremely overdue. My husband has dreams on a very regular basis, wherein he is being shot at in a terrible war. Maybe we were together in WWII? (Another funny thing, I took 4 years of french in high school, when everyone else I knew was taking spanish!)
Anyway, this experience has really renewed my desire to read more about history, which I have always been fascinated with. What is your take on past lives?

4. Carole Lynne - October 31, 2008

Hi Dominique,

Thank you for sharing your story. I would LOVE to have an experience like you have had. It took me years to become a believer in spirit communication. I needed personal proof. I have HAD so much proof that now I am certain that life is continuous.

But I have not had the personal proof that you have had about past lives. If something like that happens to me, I think I wll become a believer. I need personal proof.

Stories like yours are so important to share. I am glad you have posted.

Come back often.

5. Christy V. - October 31, 2008

Reading books has been a means of support for me these past few years…..I’m apparently an untrained medium(very..) and its been difficult. I had to figure out what was going on with me and why I was suddenly ‘seeing’ and ‘getting’ info about people I know have passed on.

I say this has been for the past few years, but when I really think back on my life, I’ve had experiences off and on since childhood, but life being ever full of twists and turns, left me living in the moment-and merely ‘shooing’ away experiences as weird and unwanted.

I’ve tried a day workshop or two, yet my introverted nature leaves me more rattled by a room full of people (and lots of energies whirling around) than really focusing on why I’m there in the first place. So book reading has been a wonderful way for me study everything from Saints and their experiences (visions, etc.) to meditation, to Myth and its origins, to angel experiences.

Being a mother of 2 great kids and wife too, life is extremely busy so reading affords me a way to get info and simply put a bookmarker in when I get interruptions, and start again later….without driving any where! Of course down the road a mentor would be great to have conversations with over things, but for now since I keep my experiences to myself (and my journal!), I continue studying and enjoying the understanding it helps bring.

6. Ron M. - October 31, 2008

Hi, Dominique. A very interesting story. To me, past lives make a great deal of sense in that energy never dies. I imagine it to be possible that when we have more work to do we may feel that once we have crossed into the spirit world that we want to come back. How that gets arranged, I don’t know…anymore than I know how a soul comes into a body to begin with…

To me, the idea of past life is extremely interesting. It can be very convincing to those who experience these scenes in such vivid detail and convincing to those who hear the whole story. What convinces me most is when someone who has died, leaving behind family members that are still living when they “reincarnate” recognize who they are, can speak about their names, their relationships, where they lived – all of the personal details only someone in the family would know. The details are sharp, exact, no fuzzy images at all.

On the other hand, I believe that all of us have the ability to tap into the “collective unconscious.” When we are “in the right energy” as we say, we can come up with such details as well. It is this fact that causes me to waffle between believing that past lives do exist and wondering if perhaps we’ve tapped the collective unconscious. The arguments for and against can get very impassioned.

I have had experience where I have felt like I was definitely participating in the dream and then I have had others where I have felt as though I was simply an observer. In one such dream, I was going across the border from one country to another. I was covered with a tarp and worried to death that at the border check I would be discovered. I definitely felt as though I experienced that. However, in other vivid dreams I am clearly only observing and recording in my mind the details of the event I see unfolding.

It could be that one way to feel more convinced is through this subjective feeling of being a participant, of feeling all of the emotions. That said, the mind is very clever and I am never truly certain if the subjective information is completely convincing. There are other psychic connections that can allow a similar experience to occur. For instance, I often “feel” in my body what someone else experienced prior to their passing. That doesn’t mean that I have the same condition in my own physical body.

One recommendation that I have is to NOT do any research. I feel that it can taint one’s experience if one does research and learns details that have not yet made themselves apparent. The unconscious mind is a great storehouse. I think once there is a great deal of information and it is clear that all of the information goes together then it may be time to do the research, but it is important to keep very detailed documentation with dates and times of the experiences and exact details. Don’t embellish. Also, be sure to look at what may be going on in your current life that may be a trigger or experientially comparable to the dynamics that occur in the dream. For anyone else reading this, I offer these words as my own opinion. There are many possible explanations that should be considered.

7. Dominique - October 31, 2008

Hi Ron-
Thank you for your input. Having an experience like this is certainly provocative. I have never researched the topic of past lives, although as I explained earlier, I have definately come to believe through the years that it may be a possibility, which is a much different viewpoint than I had when I was younger. How the process might occur? Well, that part of the equation is beyond my comprehension. I don’t know if I will research this dream further, although it has piqued a curiosity in me that is hard to ignore. I do believe that if this prior life is intended to be revealed to me further, it will be. I think everything in our lives happens for a reason, although it may be years before we understand what that reason is. But one thing I would like to learn more about is the different schools of thought on this topic, which you have touched on here. I appreciate your discussion, as this is a very new realm for me.

8. Carole Lynne - October 31, 2008

Hi Christy,

I can relate to reading lots of books while raising kids. Thanks for posting on this blog.

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