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When Spirit Knocks on Your Door, Was It Really Spirit? October 30, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Spiritual Awakening.

Many people tell me about their spiritual experiences.  Some people have spiritual visitation dreams, others see visions of spirit, and some hear the sounds of their loved ones as if they were talking to them within the mind.  Of course, most people who share experiences with me ask “Is this really spirit or my imagination?”  The truth is that it can be either a true spiritual communication or a fantasy of the imagination. BUT just because this is true, we should not run from our spiritual experiences just because it is not always possible to know for certain as to the validity of each experience. I use the words “each experience” as every time we have a spiritual experience, it is unique in some way, and I think in evaluating our experiences we have to look at them, one at a time.

For instance, there are times I hear the sound of my fathers voice in my mind. It is possible that in some of these experiences, the spirit of my father, who from my point of view is no longer “talking” in the same way he did when he was alive, is communicating to me in the manner that he as a spirit can communicate, and I am hearing this in the voice that was his when he was alive.  At other times, I may hear his voice in my mind, and it may be my imagination creating the experience. HOW CAN I TELL THE DIFFERENCE?  You may not like my answer to this question, but the honest answer is that I cannot always tell the difference.  That being said, there are some guidelines that I go by for myself, and I say myself as I am not ready to teach these guidelines for others as it is not clear that there are guidelines that apply for everyone. But for the moment, let me share my thoughts about my own guidelines and perhaps you will find it helpful.

When I am having a true spirit visitation in the form of hearing a voice in my mind, from my father or any other spirit,  the sound comes in a quick flash in my mind. I do not hear the voice in the normal rate of speech that we all as human being use when we talk to each other. It is as if there is this “flash” or moment of sound in my mind and I just have a knowing as to what was said to me.  The whole communication happens very fast, and has a very impersonal and non-emotional quality. When I use the word “impersonal” I could also use the word “universal.”  I do not mean that the communication is cold and without feeling, but the communication does not feel the same way to me, that it feels when a living human being talks to me.

So why do I think this kind of communication from my father is real? Because, when I do readings for people day after day, and have these experiences with their loved ones, I have this same instant “sound message” come to me, I have a knowing about what it means, and the client usually understand and verifies the information or message that has come through. My work as a medium teachers me day after day WHAT spirit communication feels like for me, in terms of receiving “sound.”

On the other hand, when I am very emotional and hear my father voice in my mind, I hear it one word at a time, the same way we would speak to each other.  In these cases, what I may be perceiving as a communication from spirit, does not feel at all impersonal (universal) and does not come to me instantly.  I am questioning these experiences and I am considering that in these cases, I may be creating what I would want my father to be saying to me in this moment.

My work as a medium has helped me a great deal to begin to separate what is a real communication and what is not.

But what are you to do if you are not a medium and if you are just beginning to have communications from the world of spirit?How can you know what is real?  I would suggest that you not stress out over what is real and what is not real.  My suggestion is that you be a healthy but open minded skeptic and allow yourself the understanding that life is continuous and so therefore it is possible for our loved ones in spirit to communicate with us. Also allow for the fact that we cannot always know if it is a real communication when we are having an experience with a spirit that is our own loved one. The reason we go to see mediums is because when the medium knows nothing about our loved ones, and brings information and messages that make sense, THEN we can know it is a real communication. But on our own, having our own experience, it is sometimes difficult for all of us (including me) to know what is real. This is why mediums go and have readings with other mediums.

Have several readings with good and experienced mediums so that you can over the course of these readings, get the proof that you need that the consciousness of each person lives on after the change called death.  This proof will help you alot.  Then when you have experiences of spirit on your own, write down your experiences with the world of spirit and over a period of time you may see a pattern to the communications that will help you understand when you have experienced a true visitation and when it is your imagination.

I believe that over a period of years, each one of you will come to have a knowing about when your loved ones are communicating with you.  Your explanation of when it is real and when you are creating the experience may be totally different than mine. That is why I have said that while I am sharing my experience with you and my guidelines, my thoughts may or may not apply to you.

Some of you might like me to be more authoritative about when an experience with spirit is real and when it may be a product of our imagination. But in this blog and in my life outside this blog, I like to share my process with people in an honest and open manner. I do not feel the need to have answered all the questions before sharing.   I am not going to sound dogmatic just for the sake of sounding like an authority.  As we explore the spiritual world it will always be an ongoing exploration and how marvelous it is if we can share our thoughts and journey together.

If you are looking for a quick and complete understanding of how the world of spirit communicates, I have not found one yet. There are incredible research projects, but somehow there are always objections to each project and how it was set up.  My applaud all those who conduct research on spirit communication, but in my own heart, feel that the world of spirit is beyond our human comprehension..

When spirit first knocked on my door, I spent years in a frenzy trying to figure out what was happening to me. I wanted solid answers and I wanted them RIGHT NOW.

At this point in my life, I have had enough experience, that I just know when I am in communication with the world of spirit.  It took many years to come to the understanding I have now.

Give yourself a break and enjoy the communications from your loved ones, even though once in a while it may not be a true communication. Accept that, and you can have a much easier time.  You do not have to be perfect.  You do not always have to understand how spirit communication works.  Understanding the spiritual world is an ongoing project and some of the best minds in the world have not figured it all out yet.

What are your thoughts about your own spiritual experiences?



1. Jessica - October 30, 2008

My mother passed in May of 1990 after a devastating battle with cancer. We did not have a close relationship, yet I found myself having many dreams about her. Some were intense and some were comfortable…the kind of relationship I always longed for. I thought at the time I was just working through my own regrets and grief. I began smelling her favorite perfume as I shopped in stores…that was odd. I’d follow the scent til I found the woman wearing it. Sometimes, I’d confirm, “Is that Shalimar, you’re wearing?” Of course it was, and it brought back pleasant memories of Mom. I felt she was near.
But, what I consider a very real visitation of my mother came in January of 1991. I began to hear her footsteps in my home. If I was in my bedroom with the door shut, they’d come right up to the door. I’d sense her watching me…then, things began to be moved in my home…a chair in particular. It was something she always moved when she’d visit me. I smelled her perfume, as well. It was a little un-nerving. So, I spoke to her (out loud) and told her she was welcome to stay with me as long as she needed – but please don’t do anything that might scare my kids. I told someone about it and he asked well, why would she suddenly show up in my home? I said, I don’t know unless some change had occurred in her own beloved home and she was no longer happy there. A month later, my step-dad called to say that he had remarried in January and moved from that house. He had given away or sold all of my mother’s things, except for a few treasures which he sent to me!

2. Ron M. - October 30, 2008

I think that there are a multitude of ways in which we can both imagine spirit and experience spirit. Sometimes, the imagination of spirit in the past has yielding the experience of spirit with me. For instance, and especially at this time of year when people are focused on life beyond the grave, we might imagine that we are being watched. But that imagination causes us to move deeper and by moving deeper and searching what it is that we are experiencing we may find that yes, we suddenly do feel the presence of a loved one nearby.

I find it so completely uplifting to smell the fragrance of my grandmother, for instance, who always wore Jean Nate. On the other hand, I know when a friend of mine is around because I smell the scent of alcohol, the particular type of alcohol, that he consumed and smell cigarette smoke – neither of these smells do I care for, but I do love the feeling of my friend in spirit paying me a visit.

I think it is a wise suggestion to simply accept that not all of these visits are genuine, but what is genuine is that cause us to begin to turn our minds in the direction of spirit, which then can help to prepare us for a more profound experience.

It is the most rare thing for me to hear what sounds like an external voice, speaking to me in the style and manner of someone living in this existence. However, it has happened. The first time it happened, I felt it was simply an auditory hallucination. In the future, when it has happened and I had more of my wits about me I was able to sense who it was.

It is also extremely rare for me to see spirit objectively. This happened on only one occasion when it had taken months for our family to confirm the passing of another family member whom I had never met. He awakened me from sleep and there I saw him, standing at the foot of my bed, immediately knowing who it was. I asked him to stay long enough for me to get a good look at him so I could describe him to my mother. He complied and left. I was able to experience this rapid transfer of information about how he had lost part of his leg due to diabetes, none of which we knew. My mother, first of all, was able to confirm the description. Then when we actually did get confirmation about his death, we also received confirmation that he had lost part of his leg due to diabetes.

Usually, however, the presence of spirit comes to me in very subtle ways, creates a need for me to shift my awareness to explore what I am feeling and then intensifies, offering me comfort, guidance or reassurance that I am not alone. The value of these experiences is the same whether they are imagined or real. The tune me in to that extension of life beyond the mundane.

3. Carole Lynne - October 30, 2008

Dear Jessica and Ron,

Thank you SO much for sharing your experiences with spirit visitations.

4. Marisa - November 1, 2008

Today my husband and I were in Los Angeles on Olvera Street having lunch. Since it was Nov. 1 the area was very busy with locals celebrating “The Day of the Dead.” As we wondered near the circular area, where a band usually plays, I noticed pictures of loved ones that had passed, flowers and incense burning. There were hundreds of people listening to music and watching the “dead” bride and groom dance around. The air felt “thick”, if that makes any sense, and suddenly my stomach started hurting and head began to throb. Having had some experience with this before, I told my husband I had to get out of that area, that the energy was too much for me. The minute I was outside the circle, the headache was gone and my stomach felt fine.

I guess it took me by surprise, first how passionate the Hispanic community celebrates the loss of the dead and second how much energy was there with them. I wonder if they felt it too.

It was a unique experience and one I wish I was better prepared to handle and appreciate.

5. Carole Lynne - November 1, 2008

Hi Marisa,

When people gather together for any reason and all become passionate about the event, I find there is alot of energy. When I am in situations like that, I often have to leave as for me the energy becomes overwhelming.

When there is a spiritual focus to the event, I feel that it is quite possible that there are more spirits around than would usually be present. As I was not at this particular event, I cannot comment on what you experienced.

I think sometimes when we attend events we are not used to or do not usually attend, we are not used to the energy created. For intance, tonight I went to a large shopping mall. As I have been doing a great deal of writing in the past year, I have not been to the mall often, and I found it overwhelming. So all kinds of group experiences can become overwhelming depending on our state of mind at the moment.

Thanks for blogging. Come back often.

6. Sarah Dixon - January 30, 2009

Last night I was sitting with my dog and cat on my lap watching t.v. when I suddenly had a very strong smell of flowers under my nose. My sons and husband were sitting in the room and none of them could smell anything. A few minutes later it happened again. In total it happened 4 times – very strong and powerful and definately not coming from my dog or cat!
Recently life has been very hard for us and is set to get harder – we are all trying to stay positive but it is really hard – especially as my children are 12 and 17 and really worried about what is going to happen to us in the coming months. My mother is also thinking that she is terminally ill and she does drive me crazy with complaining all the time (she has been “ill” for 30 years)
I lost my brother in 2003 and I know he has visited me several times – sometimes quite noticeably – but I have no idea why.
Now I think it is my grandmother who visited last night and I don’t know why – she passed so many years ago…
I would love to understand what these visitations mean – I am sure that they are trying to tell me something – I just don’t know what!
Anyway – as they were both so special to me it is nice to know that they are still around.

Carole Lynne - February 3, 2009

Thanks for your story. One of the ways that spirit has spoken to me was through the sense of smell. I believe your story about knowing that a spirit was around you because of what you smelled.

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