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The Wonders of Cyberspace in Joanne Gerber’s Chat Room October 28, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Cyberspace.

Last night I was one of two guest mediums in Joanne Gerber’s Chat too.  Doreen Molloy was the other guest medium.  It was a great evening of “chat conversation” and questions being answered by Joanne, Doreen and myself that were sent in by the 200 guests in the chat room.  200 GUESTS! Think about that for a moment. Think about what it costs to get 200 people together in a physical space.  Then think about how easy it was for all 203 of us, including us mediums, to gather together for an evening. It is incredible!

One of the things that I loved last night was the feeling of community I felt between all of us in the chat room.  While I could not see anyone there, I could feel the energy from the words that guests were sharing.

Yesterday in this blog, I wrote about how important it is to get away from the computer and get outside.  Today I am writing about the wonders of cyberspace and the Internet.  Are we not fortunate as human beings to have so many wonderful opportunities of different kinds!


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1. Cindy - October 28, 2008

Hi Carole,
Thank you for being in that chat room last night! I was too! I didn’t get a mini reading; but enjoyed reading others’ readings, and found the “chit/chat” in the beginning informative. I have been trying to learn everything there is to know about spirituality since the passing of my loved one, I was a pretty big skeptic before though and sometimes find myself falling back into that mode, when I think– was that a sign or my own mind playing tricks! I have read tons of books and scan cyberspace for info. Hope to be able to ‘tune’ into more chat rooms too! It is so hard to understand everything when you are in the throes of grief.
Thanks again

2. Jessica - October 28, 2008

Sorry I had to miss the chat last evening…prior committment. I have questions of my own. I spent the late 60’s and 70’s trying to “find” myself. Actually, I think it was more like a time of sorting out what I believe and figuring out my life priorities. That said, I’ve explored a number of different faiths or belief systems. What I always come back to though is a need for a more fundamental Christianity. That’s right for me…yet, while I trust the basics (Father, Son, Holy Spirit…a Savior), I do not swallow doctrines which seem to abound. I feel torn between being the person I was created to be…developing and using my own gifts…I am an empath with many psychic medium experiences. I see, feel, hear and often smell spirit. The church would label that witchcraft…and I don’t want to offend the God I’ve chosen. Yet, He created me. So doesn’t denying those gifts also cause offence? How do I find the balance? or truth? I live in North Dakota, and my community forces non-traditional beliefs underground.

3. Carole Lynne - October 28, 2008

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for sharing how difficult it is to be in the throes of grief. I know your words will help others who read them. Grief is one of the hardests paths we ever walk during life.

4. Vickie - October 28, 2008

I too missed the chat room on the 27th. I was putting my two wonderful granddaughters to bed and missed the time to get onboard. Just to paraphrase, you said 203 people in a physical space, and a feeling of community and you could feel the energy. The question I would have asked and have been wondering about since it happened is: when 9/11 happened when all those wonderful souls passed, did mediums like yourself feel a tearing, a rendering, a pain of all that energy passing, and if so, how did you cope with such a tragedy? I, like so many others, cannot get past the idea that this was their karma, their choice to go through this before they were born. Such a horrible tragedy that those of us who have experienced it will never get over it. Sorry to be such a downer, but I have been wondering about this question for so long.

5. Carole Lynne - October 28, 2008

Hi Jessica,

I can hear the conflict you are going through. Many traditional religions do not approve of the incredible mediumistic and intuitive work that many of us do. Yet, the ironic thing is that when one reads the Bible there are reference after reference to communications with spirits, with angels and with God.

You have to make your own decision and feel comfortable with your spiritual life. I would never try to persuade anyone to leave their religion as many of us have cultural as well as family roots firmly planted within us.

As I have accepted my spiritual gifts, I have found the religion of Spiritualism to be the best spiritual home for me. Within this religion all the great spiritual teachers are honored, and communication with the world of spirit is a sacred practice. This religion has absolutely nothing to do with witchcraft. It is an organized and registered religion with churches around the world. I am very happy in Spiritualism.

You ask me a very difficult question when you say “How do I find balance?” It is tough to be part of a religion that does not understand your gifts. I do not know what I would do if I were in your situation. If your religion means alot to you, stay with in. Tune into your soul energy and you will know what to do.

6. Jessica - October 28, 2008

Thanks, Carole. It’s true what you say of the bible. And, I have found that if I use the right terminology for might gifts, I can use them in church. But, it just feels like a lie to me. I’ve been seeing Spirit since I was a child…faith was irrelavent then. I just accepted it. I have researched (online) Spiritualism and the Spiritualist Church in America. I have not found one here, and here is where I must stay for now. Perhaps you can suggest some reading…We have Barnes & Noble…and I do have the internet. : )

7. Cindy - October 28, 2008

What I can’t understand is, why, when everything I read and hear seems to say live your life in light and love. Why then would God want to take a loved one from us, at such an early stage in their human life, and bring grief to those remaining. Does the scource have the ultimate say so if we should live or die? Does the scource have the ability to see the havoc and pain in the human lives that are left here on Earth? Does it care? I don’t know what good spiritual thing that can come from something like this. Are some things beyond the scources’ control?

8. Mary D - October 28, 2008

Hi Carole Lynne,

I love how yesterday you speak of nature and today the wonders of the internet. It’s all about balance, yes? We could totally tune out the internet but then how could we all connect with people from all over the world? Trying to get 200 people in a room physically would take days of planning but 200 people on the internet – mere minutes! If we completely block out nature, we don’t fill our souls with the beauty of what’s right in front of us. So as I read these two blogs back to back, it made me think of how important it is to have that balance in our lives or part of us goes missing.

9. Carole Lynne - October 28, 2008

Hi Mary D,

Great to see you on this blog. Hope you return often as people will enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks for your comment

10. Carole Lynne - October 28, 2008

Dear Vicki,

Thanks for your post. You have asked me what I experienced as a medium when 9/11 occured. It was horrible for me, especially because I live about thirty minutes from Logan airport. I could feel the energies of all who passed including those who were suicide bombers. Many of my friends who are mediumistic also felt great pain.

I cannot say that our pain as mediums was any greater than the pain everyone in our country and many around the world experienced. It was a horrible time for everyone, especially the families of those who died.

As for karma: I am not as sold on karma as many people are. My sense is that there are real tradegies and that people often go to the world of spirit before their time should have been up. I never argue with people who believe differnetly than I do, but since you asked, I do not feel that those who died in 9/11 were destined to die on that day.

Thanks for asking my opinion and providing us both with the opportunity to share different ideas.

11. Carole Lynne - October 28, 2008

HI Cindy,

You ask me if I think some things are beyond sources control. My sense is that while we come from a powerful and spiritual source, alot of what happens in human life is based on nature, free will, and sometimes tradegy. I do not think that all deaths are meant to be at a particular time. I know many mediums disagree with me and that is okay as we all have to express what we feel.

Everything in our world is not love and light. Those are beautiful words, and we can strive to have as much love and light in our lives as possible. But all experiences are not love and light.

However, reaching for love and light is healing. And so when we are in grief, it is an important time to try to let the light in. Easy for me to say, as I am not in deep grief at this moment.

My heart goes out to you Cindy. Hang in there.

12. Carole Lynne - November 8, 2008

Hi Folks,

I received an email today for the blog, from Joanne Gerber about our time together in her chat room. I have copied her email to us into this post.

Hi Carole Lynne:

Thank you so very much for being a guest at Spirit Chat, and for creating this wonderful blog.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to offer a place in cyberspace, where spiritually minded people can have a place to meet and share inspiration, knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment amongst one another. I especially find this helpful to those who reside in states and other countries who find it almost impossible to locate spiritual resources in their area. It does reminds us, just as with connecting to Spirit, that distance is not an obstacle in the quest for spiritual knowledge and guidance.

I look forward to having you join us at Spirit Chat again in the near future.

Psychic Medium Joanne Gerber

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