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The Flower Can Expand Your Hope October 27, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Spiritual Priority.

It is all too easy in our world today filled with radio, television, cell phones, email and instant messaging to receive news constantly about distressing situations.  While it is good “keep up with the news” the constant barrage of bad news can hurt our spiritual life. We receive too many of the vibrations of fear, and the energies of hope may begin to fade within each one of us.


What ever happened to standing outside in the quiet of the evening and watching the sun go down and the moon and stars appear. 


I find my greatest feelings of hope come from being part of nature.  When I see a beautiful flower, that flower does not know how many people in this world are fighting with each other. That flower does not know about the financial crisis.  The flower stands in all her beauty, taking in the sun.


Some might find the flower to be naive and suggest that if the flower knew more about the problems of the world then the flower could take action to be part of the solution. That is true.  Others might find the flower to be within a vibration that does not allow for fighting.  Persistent “literalists” will explain that there are flowers that fight each other for space in the ground and not allow this spiritual image of the flower to work its wonders.  Yes, yes, yes…there are always many ways to perceive any image. For the moment, I am asking you to perceive the flower and other parts of nature, as beautiful symbols of hope. When we are looking for hope, as many of us are when grieving the passing of a loved one, or coping with the many problems in the world, we need to find ways to expand the hope that is within each one of us.


I have to admit that I LOVE to be on my computer and love to surf cyberspace.  Websites, emails and blogs have become an important part of my life. I will always be drawn to technology, and you will find me regularly on the Internet. But I pray that I will find more moments to walk outside. Winter,spring or summer,,,,there is beauty to see.  The beauty of nature expands the hope within each one of us.









1. Jessica - October 27, 2008

I get it! We are of a similar age, you and I Carole. I wonder if that’s part of the connection I feel to what you say? Anyhow, I find peace, and strength, and hope…even a greater connection to the Creator of all when I gaze up at the night sky. How long have the sun, moon, and stars continued along the same path? Constant. There is hope there. The same wonder comes when I connect with a tree. Maybe that sounds a bit nutty, but to focus on that tree and how it came from the tiniest seed, then grew so tall and strong. It says to me there must be a plan.

2. Carole Lynne - October 27, 2008

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your comments. I am drawn to a word in your post: “wonder.” If we lose the feeling of wonder, we lose hope.

3. Anne Mitts - October 27, 2008

Hello Carole, I just got this blog address at the spiritual chat you are reading at right at this minute.
I totally understand what you are saying, Since I started becoming more aware and opening to spirit, I have noticed that my love for being out in nature has grown and I tend to stay away from all the bad news on TV. I seem to be able to notice more when I am outside. I love flowers, trees, birds and butterflies and have been taking lots of pictures. It has become a great past time for me.
When you were talking about flowers fighting for their space I thought about all the wild flowers in my yard. They seem to grow very well together. I don’t see fighting in nature. Maybe I don’t want to see it. I took some lovely pictures of a monarch butterfly in my garden. What was so wonderful about this picture was that this butterfly was taking nectar from a flower and right next to her was a honey bee. I love this picture and have it framed in my meditation room. Why can’t we learn from the butterfly and the honey bee? They share and there is no fighting because they know there is enough to go around. I am thankful to have found your blog. Love and Light Anne

4. karen - October 27, 2008

I agree with you observation. My constant comment to anyone around me is that nothing man-made can compete with beauty of nature. ( Except ofcourse a child..which is in a way, ” man-made’ )LOL..When I silently and outloud talk to my plants in my garden I
feel they respond. I then get my camera and take pictures of them and I always get pictures of Orbs around them. I like to think they are what we used to call fairies a long time ago or spirits that live in nature..

5. Carole Lynne - October 28, 2008

HI Karen,

I find your thought about the pictures of Orbs to be like what people used to call (and still may call in some parts of the world) fairies.

Flowers have beautiful energy.

6. Carole Lynne - October 28, 2008

Hi Anne,

Yes, you found me on Joanne Gerber;s Chat room, a place I always enjoy visiting.

Your words are beautiful about teh flowers and the honey bee.

When I was writing about flowers fighting with each other for space, that was actually a thought that I feel people who are very literal about life would have. I personally do not think about flowers fighting for space.

When I think about flowers, I feel the beauty of their acceptance of life and their quiet serenity.

7. Ron M. - October 30, 2008

I think that the world is filled with contrasts, each of which is important. Think of what the world would be like without the opposite of something – for instance, let’s take humans – we love to talk about ourselves anyway – but what if there was only one gender – take your pick which one – we’re not like amoebas. We don’t divide and make more of ourselves that way. How would the human race move forward?

The answer likely rests in the response: evolution. Life is life, human, animal, mineral, flora or fauna. All of life learns how to continue propagating itself, through adaptation and change. But just the same, consider what the world would be like if there were only sunshine and no darkness. Consider what the world would be like if there were only water and no dry ground.

It is said that in order to appreciate one thing, we have to have experienced its opposite. In order to truly appreciate ultimate joy, don’t we need to know what it’s like to experience profound sorrow? And how do we become courageous if we never have had to experience a situation in which we were unsure of ourselves, fearful?

Friction creates change. Look at the continents – at the shorelines that exist now – and then compare that to maps of the same shorelines 20, 50 or 100 or more years ago. Friction creates change, evidenced by the fact that water will, with appropriate constant action, wear out solid rock, form pathways and, while under the greatest of resistance erode that resistance away, allowing freer motion.

All of this was spurred by the idea that a purist would speak about the struggle of the plant world and shatter our spiritual ideas about the beauty the flower exudes under all conditions. How beautiful the spirit that moves beyond struggle, beyond the limitations of the mind and embraces the power of the Universe, reverencing at the same time the One who created it all.

8. Carole Lynne - October 30, 2008

Dear Ron,

Thank you for your beautiful and insightful words. I know that others will appreciate your posts on this blog.

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