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The Sour Grapevine Feeds on Gossip October 25, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Spiritual Priority.

Avoiding Gossip IS a Spiritual Priority

During the 1970ies and 1980ies I was quite active in women’s liberation groups. During those years I was working as a professional singer/songwriter.  Many a night I sang original songs in coffee houses and in concerts about social issues.

One of the great issues in the women’s liberation movement was gossip. Here we were, trying to change the lives of women around the world, but we were fighting with each other.

One day the lyrics of a song came to me, that I still like to sing to this day. This song is about gossip. When I sing it,  there is a humorous tone to the song.  Reading the lyrics without hearing the song, may leave you missing part of what this song is all about. But I still want to share there lyrics as I feel they still make an important point, after all these years.


I cannot find the courage to tell you that I’m angry

And so I go tell someone else how terrible  you’ve been to me

But I’m angry, I’m angry, I’m angry with you

But you will never know until the grapevine reaches you

And that’s how the grapevine grows


Sour grapevine…..sour grapevine

I feed the grapevine when someone let’s me down

Sour grapevine….destructive weapon

A tool of anger rising from the ground

The sour grapevine lives on words, it must be fed each hour

It eats the words and spits them out with it’s destructive power

The words go flying everywhere and if you and I

Don’t feed the grapevine everyday

The grapevine will die

Hope you enjoyed these lyrics.  Avoiding gossip is a spiritual priority. If we stop gossiping, the energy of gossip will fade away.

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