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Being With Myself FOREVER? October 25, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Spiritual Awakening.

Those of us who see visions of the spirits of loved ones who have passed on, and those of us who get the proof we need through readings with mediums, have learned that when our lives are over, our consciousness lives on.  This understanding often brings a desire for self improvement. After all, if you and I are going to experience our consciousness once the physical body is gone, we are going to be with ourselves eternally.  While that is an exciting thought it is also a sobering thought.  I have to ask myself the question: “Am I happy being with me?” I better be, as I am never going to get away from myself.  

But how can we turn words that we have heard so often: “raise your consciousness to a higher level” into reality? First of all,  while I and many others use the term “higher consciousness” perhaps there is another term that works better. What about “loving consciousness,” or “caring consciousness” or “insightful consciouness?”

For me, the first step in raising my consciouness it to “stop, look and listen” when I feel I am going into “fear mode.” Of course there are things to be afraid of and terrible things do happen to us and to those we love in this life.  But if we look at the history of the world, there have always been very difficult things that happen, and human beings have always struggled in one way or another. Perhaps when I am in “fear mode” I need to step back and realize that whatever is going on is part of life.

Obviously if you or I have just experienced the passing of a loved one, or have received a frightening dianosis, we are not in that moment going to be able to step back and look at things from a historial perspective.  In very difficult times our emotions run high and we need to get help and support from other people and from the Higher Power that we believe has created the world and continues to create all that exisits. 

But most of the time, we are not facing a death or the first news of a serious diagnosis, and in those times we can step back as quickly as possible and realize that with Spirit’s help we can see our lives in more perspective.  As we step back we are caring for ourselves and are receiving valuable insights in that moment.

For me, stepping back is an important tool to use as I work with my own consciouness, which I realize is going to be “me” forever. 

What are your thoughts?



1. Sandie B - October 25, 2008

Sometimes I feel afraid. I too am a scorpio, but I seem to be afraid of death. I dont know why, but I am. I like reading your comments everyday. This is great.!

2. Carole Lynne - October 25, 2008

Hi Sandie,
It can take alot of time for some of us to overcome the fear of death. You are not alone with that fear.

3. Jessica - October 26, 2008

What you say is true, Carole. I’m one of those people who hide away from others if I’m afraid, or to hide “me” as a way of protecting myself. But, when someone has said or done something that hurts? I hide the hurt with righteous indignation and share that with a sympathetic friend. But, I have become aware that my friend’s supportive anger really only fuels mine. So, I’m learning to watch my mouth and let things go. I feel happier and healthier just accepting that we are all flawed, and sometimes I need to be forgiven for the hurt I’ve caused intentional or not.

4. Carole Lynne - October 26, 2008

Hi Jessica,

The words that jump out at me in your post are “Just accepting that we are all flawed.” Is that not the truth! And acceptance of ourselves and others is an incredible spiritual challenge.

Thanks for posting.

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