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My Mother Worried About This World. Do you? October 24, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Worries.

My mother passed to spirit in 1999.  During the last thirty years of my mother’s life she lived in Hawaii while I lived first in California (San Francisco Bay area) and then moved to Massachusetts.  As my mom became ill, my visits To Hawaii increased.  In those years I did not go to the Hawaii most people visit. I was not on the beaches, but going to the drug store to get prescriptions etc. etc.

During my last visits to see my mother, she spoke a great deal about the world and how worried she was to leave us in this world.  When September 11th changed all of our lives, I was glad that my mother was not here to see what happened, at least on the personality level.  As a medium, of course I know her spirit is aware of all that goes on.

Now I am a grandmother and worried about the world I will be leaving to my children and grandchildren. I wonder. If I had been a grandmother in 1886  (or any other year long ago,)  would I have been as worried about the world I was leaving to my family?

Here are two questions for you who are reading this: Do you think people were as worried about the world in “the old days” as we are now?

Are you worried about the world you are leaving to your family?

This is not a pop quiz LOL, and there are no right or wrong answers. But it would be nice to hear from you.



1. Mary - October 24, 2008

I do think that people were just as worried about their world “in the old days” as we are today. I just think the reasons were different. While 100+ years ago, the threat of terrorists or mass destruction may not have been on their “radar screen” but wondering if they would have enough food to get their family through the winter, the uncertainty of the success of a crop bringing in enough money to get by, etc would have most certainly been a fear. While these fears may seem small in comparision to what sparks our fears today, back then they were what impacted their lives the most. So in essence, they are equal in weight.

It is interesting to think about the “main’ fears of any given generation were/are. I suppose at times, it can help put things in perspective and help us to understand just how blessed we are in many ways. It is human to fear the unknown or things we just don’t understand. It is part of our survival instinct, but we should never allow these fears to overtake our lives. Live each day for today, stop and appreciate the small things, and never take anything for granted….easy to write on a page, more difficult to incorporate in your life….something I strive for every day.

Of course I worry about the world I leave to my family and friends! It shows that I care about them deeply!! I try to live my life in such a way to impact the people around me positively. How I treat others helps create a “butterfly effect,” a “pay if forward” type of attitude. Think about it, stop for a minute in your busy life, and let that person go ahead of you at the intersection, let the Mom with the cranky baby and two items go ahead of you in line at the market, pay for a coffee for that person behind you in the drive through, compliment a stranger, then watch what happens. Your act of kindness is returned to you in some way, sometimes when you least expect it, sometimes when you may need it the most. It is just AWESOME!

2. Carole Lynne - October 24, 2008

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your insights and your words of wisdom about how we need to be more caring.

3. Michaelle aka Fairychild or Fairyfoofoo - October 24, 2008

I do think people were worried years ago, about the world, but maybe not as much as they are now. I think the worry does grow in people as years go by. Especially now, I think people are VERY concerned now as we see SO MANY people loosing their homes, jobs etc. I’m really not sure if their worries are in the right place, but I don’t know for sure. I, myself do remember when both my children were born(1982 & 1986), and I wasn’t so worried back then…possibly because I was younger, but as they became older, and started high school, and I noticed the way the kids in school were, the different peer(sp) preasures, the drugs, the way hardly any of them seemed to care as much as I did about my future as well as did my friends. I became very worried about their future, and even more worried about my potential granchildren’s, and for those who were just having their own children at that time. I wondered what kind of worries they would have when their little new borns became teens, and then young adults. Now, my oldest is 26 and she is just now considering having a child, and the man she’s with has a daughter who’s 3 yrs. old and so intelligent/psychic now, neither of them seem to be concerned for her future, or having a child in this world. They seem to think they can control everything that happens in their life, and what type of experiences she will have, but I KNOW they can’t. I just try to give them food for thought about their, and their childrens furure because they don’t like Mom to tell them what to do….unless they ask of course. LOL. The thing is…..sometimes I don’t know what to tell them except to have faith in God and in themselves and try to instill that in their daughter and future children. I find myself saying this alot……I’m not sue what I would do about that this day & age, let me think about it for a few minutes. I try to place myself in their shoes so to speak, listen to what “Spirit” tells me and put it out there. My youngest daughter is 22, and she may not be able to have children, which she says really upsets her. It doesn’t hurt me, except that it bothers her, because I know she isn’t near responsible or mature enough at this point in her life to have children anyway. To me that’s a good thing because she needs to be concerned about herself and her health first. Anyway, Yes, I worry alot about this world, so much so that I’m not always sure I want to see what is to come of things. I’m not saying that I have a death wish, or that I’m suicidal, but I do get really tired of the struggles, and sometimes I don’t have answers to where we should go next, or what to do. I finalize my worries by putting them in God’s or Spirit’s hands in the end and get through another day. I guess we all need to do unto others….as the saying goes, and have FAITH always. Oh yes, Carole, I was a call in on Blogtalkradio with Ericka about a week ago, asking about my Spirit guides name.

4. Carole Lynne - October 24, 2008

Hi Mary,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I agree that we need to always have faith.

Nice to hear from you again.

5. Ron M. - October 24, 2008

I tend to agree that some people in every age worry about the world they are bequeathing to their children. Often these people have been the social reformers of the world, the religious leaders and the spiritually aware.

Whether for reasons of war, famine, natural disaster, plagues, decline in the moral fabric of society every culture has had its issues. Some have had far more experience than others.

In 1886 we were in a country that had not long before gone through a war between its own inhabitants over the issue of slavery. There were those as convinced that slavery was as important to this country as well as those who knew from a moral perspective it was wrong.

About 100 years before, this nation separated from the “Mother” land and through another terrible war. Many wondered what the world as they knew it would be like post Revolutionary war. Parts of my own family fled the country and remained loyal to England in order to retain their financial security, going to Canada and receiving large grants of land. There, the financial security was assured for them.

There are ripples, as we know, that are created that last a long time. Many of us still hear about the effects of the financial crisis of the Great Depression first hand. There are lots of people still living who went through that period in this country’s history, losing all they had.

Historically, weather patterns on this planet have changed. We’ve gone through deluge, drought, horrific periods of turbulent storms, an ice age and more. We live on a planet that is affected by all that happens in the Universe. Those who are superstitious have often felt that natural disaster was a consequence of displeasing God rather than the normal action of nature upon the terrestrial plane. In the Dark Ages, fear became the law of the land as education was limited and the power of the Church and political entities of that day pressed people into submission.

Sorry to go on so long about this topic, but I feel it is a great topic to discuss and to gain some historical perspective about. Yes, we are a society that is living in fear. We see global climactic changes, we are involved in wars and hear about other wars, there is a new environment of fear based on what is happening in world financial markets. I have always heard that there is nothing new under the sun. I believe it.

6. Carole Lynne - October 24, 2008

Hi Ron,

Thank you SO much for this historical perspective. You have not gone on too long. I have enjoyed, and know others will enjoy every word of this great comment.

7. Jessica - October 24, 2008

I believe it is part of our nature to worry. Especially as we grow older, that fear of what kind of world are we leaving for our children and children’s children. Those fears are born of our own life experiences, our struggles to make this world work, or more practically to survive and provide for family in this world. I think, too that historically, religion plays a part in our fear. We for generations have believed the “end” of the world is near based on economic woes, increased and diverse diseases, “wars and rumors of war”, and erratic changes in weather patterns. But, I believe, no matter what the future of life on this plane may be, we can only live in the now with honesty, kindness, compassion and faith…as best we are able.

8. Carole Lynne - October 24, 2008

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your very rational and insightful words. We have been taught to believe in the end of the world, and I for one, do not think the world is going to end. I do believe we will have alot of changes in our world, but that has been the history of humankind.

Please visit our blog often.

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