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A Double Scorpio Having a Birthday October 23, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit.

Happy Birthday to me today.  I am always very aware of spirit on my birthday, especially my own spirit. Birthdays are a time when we take stock in our lives and think about what we want to do “for the rest of our lives.”

I am, as they say, a :mature woman, a senior citizen” etc etc.  But in my later years, having been given the gift of spirit communication, there are times I feel like I am in my twenties or thirties and beginning to explore a whole new life….looking at what is ahead of me.

I am not much of an astrologer, but my astrologer friends tell me that Scorpios are very interested in “death.”

As a child and through out my life, I have always been drawn to birth and death.  I used to tell people that when it was my time to move on, I hoped to have all my mental capacities so that I could experience my own passing.  I was saying this long before I had even heard the word “medium” and before spirits were starting to talk to me. 

Even so, I used to have an extreme fear of death, which I do not have now. I am SO grateful to have had the experiences with spirit that have come to me, because on a personal level, I do not have the fear of death I used to have. Now as I write this, it may be easy to say because at this moment I do not have a terminal illness.  But I know many people who do have terminal illnesses, who have had experiences with the world of spirit, and who do not have deep fear about passing on.

Understanding that life is continuous has been very helpful to me.



1. Paula - October 23, 2008

I too am a mature woman – I like to say that I have reached the age of wisdom… I too had a fear of death. However, that was before I walked through the valley of the shadow of death with my husband of 35 years. Now I no longer fear death. Now I know that we truly are spirits living within a physical body (I call it my earth suit) and that we are not just physical bodies with a spirit.

The spiritual experiences that I have had are amazing and the communications that I receive from my husband are what sustain me as I walk alone. Yes, to me death is but a new beginning; a new beginning in the light and love of God…

2. Carole Lynne - October 23, 2008

Hello Paula,

Thank you for your inspiring words which I know will help others who may read your post.

3. Paula - October 23, 2008

You’re welcome and I forgot to say “Happy Birthday!”

4. Sabrina DeVaney - October 23, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carole! I hope you’re spoiled to the nines today. You deserve it!

God bless,

5. Erica - October 23, 2008

Carole, Your blog is so interesting! I am a Scorpio as well and I never heard that about Scorpio’s being very inteterested in death. I used to have an extreme fear too and had to prep myself because I feared of my father’s passing as a young child and when it happened suddenly- it was as I thought it would be but not a scary because I had started doing “research” a couple of years before-hand.

6. Carole Lynne - October 23, 2008

Hi Erin,

I am glad you like the blog. Come back often.

I have heard for years that Scorpio’s are attracted to death, but “for the life of me” (excuse the pun) I cannot remember where.

And yes, the more research we do on passing to spirit, the less fear we have.

7. Edie - October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Carole!
I’ve only recently found your website and find you fascinating. I’ve had so many of my own experiences over the years but I don’t understand them. I can only wish you were located in Minnesota so I could learn from you. You seem so grounded and I admire your work.
Thank you.

8. Carole Lynne - October 23, 2008

Hi Edie,

Come back and blog some of your experiences on Blog About Spirit.

9. Diana - October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Carole-I hope the day was all you wanted it to be…Interesting the person I lost was also a Scorpio, though I don’t know if he had an interest in death…

I have a question, I have had a reading from someone here in Canada, where I now reside. She claims I am a forerunner, that I may not be in touch with that part of me though, just yet. She told me that is someone who visualizes something like a death just prior to it happening. Odd, I’d never experienced that before, however, I did have a sudden, scary, visual just before loosing the member of my family I mentioned in a previous blog under “taking a break from grief”. Have you heard of this before?

Lucky you to be a “mature woman” and have all the wisdom that you have attained…

10. Carole Lynne - October 24, 2008

Hi Diana,

I have not heard about the concept of “forerunner.” I do know that there are some mediums and others who have experiences of knowing about a passing before it happens.

Personally, I have asked the world of spirit not to give me that information unless it is useful information for me or someone else. In readings, many people will ask me about when someone is going to pass to spirit, but I do not usually get that information because I feel that this information is extremely sacred and belongs between the spirit of the person who is going to pass soon, and the God of that person’s understanding.

In some cases, my guidance, has given me a message to tell a client that he or she should go see a loved one and be with them. In cases like that, I may have a sense of a passing that is coming soon, and if my guidance gives me that information, then I will suggest that my client go sooner rather than later to be with a loved one.

There are mediums who disagree with me. Some mediums are quite open about when they think people are going to pass, and some of their clients have been grateful to have the information and have the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones.

Again, I feel this the time of passing is a sacred communication between the spirit of the passing person and God. I do not want to meddle in that by somehow becoming part of that timing.

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