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September 11th Grief September 11, 2008

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On September 11, we are in grief as we remember the terrible day that two planes flew into the twin towers in New York City, one into the Pentagon in Washington and one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.  It is a day of mourning.

On September 11th our sadness triggers memories of other sad days in our lives. On this day, many people who have lost loved ones on days other than September 11th, remember the grief they felt when their loved ones died.  Some may ask “why was my loved one not mourned as deeply as those who died on September 11th?”

Just as life is not fair, grief is not fair and there are never any good answers to these questions: questions that are borne out of the loss we have experienced.

Grief is tough. Those of us who realize that there is an afterlife, can find some comfort in knowing that the souls of our loved ones live on in eternal life.



1. Rose - October 22, 2008

1. Rose – October 22, 2008
September 11 was collective grief; so many lost lives on one day. The enormous loss was felt by all – so many faces, so many stories, so many survivors trying to come to terms with what happened.

Our individual losses are personal to us and not shared with so many. They are no less important, though, and the pain we feel is as great as those who mourned the victims of September 11. No loss is mourned less deeply because it is not a national tragedy. We felt the pain of the families of September 11 as a nation because we have all had losses in our families and so many grieving at once was overwhelming. Losing someone in our lives that we loved dearly is a different grief, personal and consuming. Loss, unfortunately, is a part of life. We must keep the faith, pray, and believe we will meet again. This life is not all there is and someday we will rejoice in reunion with our loved ones who have passed.

2. Sharon - October 22, 2008

Grief is really tough! My parents died within two months of each other last year. The anniversary of my dad’s passing was October 8th and my Mother’s will be coming up December 27th and it is just as painful now as ever. I have had some good readings that have helped but I keep wondering if it will ever get better? My life as I once knew it will never be the same.

3. Carole Lynne - October 22, 2008

Yes grief IS really tough! And yes, our lives are never the same after losing someone close to us.

Over the years, I have felt more and more at peace about the passing of both my parents. It was very tough for me for a few years after each parent passed. But these days I feel their spirits around me and it is a real joy. I really do feel better, but of course, not the same as before they passed on.

4. Carole Lynne - October 22, 2008

HI Rose,

Thanks for your words of wisdom. Each time one of us loses a loved one it is an extremely personal experience.

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