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Financial Loss September 10, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Spiritual Priority.

Today, as I watch the bad news from the stock market, it can be easy for me to become upset and frightened.  But it is during financially discouraging times that it is most important to keep my mind on my spiritual priorities.  Right now, there are financial markets around the world that are in trouble. I have to ask myself, was happens energetically as many people around the globe become frightened about financial loss?

I am not a financial wizard and do not understand all the ins and outs about why the financial markets around the world are having difficulty.  People who understand more about finance than I do, talk to me about the mortgage market and how they are to blame.

The part of me that is connected to the spiritual realms tunes in and this is what I hear: People around the world have had an inflated concept of themselves and have with their “creative accounting” passed the buck of the responsibility on to the next person.  They have built a house of cards that is now collapsing.  People have felt that anything is possible financially, and they have ignored the responsibilities of financial management in the same way that they have ignored the responsibilities of managing the world environment.  Now humanity is learning that certain things have to be respected such as honesty in financial matters and care for the whole world in environmental matters. If these lessons are learned, the world will make progress and life will improve.

As I face my spiritual priorities I need to remember that everything material that exists is not what is important.  It is my inner life that is connected to the Divine.



1. Carolyn Hyland - October 22, 2008

About 4 years ago I was thinking I should sell some investments I”d had that I put in place years earlier because I needed income. I talked myself out of it though, thinking it irrational, just a thought, and let it go. Over the years I’ve had many thoughts for no particular apparent reason that I “should” take some action or other. I’ve always regretted it when I didn’t take the action. This because there was no reasonable reason I could see to do it. Now I see these idle thoughts as having merit, something knows where I don’t know and it’s letting me know. At least letting me know what I need to do..though not revealing reasons. Now I’m paying attention to these thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere though it took several hard falls before I found the willingness to listen.

2. Sharon Lee - October 22, 2008

The times that we are facing now, especially financially, is a wake up call to the people. We need to take stock in what we need and don’t need. Living life simpler. We need to get back to basics. I see many people who have all kinds of ‘toys’ but at the same time don’t even have the time to enjoy them. What is the point.

Just in the past 10 years I have seen many changes. One of the changes has been calling a number without an actual person there. I realize this saves the company money, but having to punch in 10 numbers to get to customer service is ridiculous.

Take heart though, things will start settling down starting in the Spring of 2009.

3. Carole Lynne - October 22, 2008

The so called “financial melt down” has had a huge impact on the world. It is particularly difficult for those who are out of work and for those who are in retirement. Let us send our prayers out and hope that things improve more quickly than expected.

This is a time when all of us are reminded that many of the “best things in life are free.” Some of you are old enough to remember that song. Let us look to the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the water and let us look at each other.

Carole Lynne

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