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As I look back before my life changed August 22, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit.

There was a time in my life where I was not sure that there was an afterlife.  As a child I had many spiritual feelings and there were times I felt in communication with the God of my understanding. But when I got older and began to have visions of those in the spirit world, my whole concept of life and death changed. I now know that there is more than this short life on earth.  I feel more content and more peaceful with the knowledge.



1. Bruce - October 22, 2008

It took until I was 21 years old to really find out there is Spirit. That is when I had a bad industrial accident and a Near DEath Experience. It was a profound experience which changed my life. I spent 7 months in hospital getting over the injury and many more years learning through meditation and prayer, but it has been well worth it to really feel the Presence of God, as Moses and Samuel and Jesus did. I have also been able to help others through teaching meditation and have been able to help “ghosts” leave their attachment to the emotions or places which trap them, so that they can move into the next stage of their spiritual development. It has been far from easy, as I have dealt with present and past life conflicts and have learned to heal my body-mind, but it has led to a spiritual wholeness I could not have dreamed about when I began this life. I still have the feeling that the main part of my life is still in front of me, even though I have retired from my job as a university professor. I look forward to many more profound spiritual experiences through which I can help others.

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