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Everyone needs to take a break from grief August 19, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Grief.

When we are suffering with grief after a loved one has passed on, it is often hard to experience anything else accept our grief.  It seems impossible to go on with our daily lives.  We feel as if there will never be any happiness again.  Grief is tough! If you are in grief, it is important to take some time each day to “take a break from your grief.” Watch a movie, read a book or talk to a friend. Of course there will be things in the movie or the book that remind you of your loved one, and the feelings of sadness will be there again, but during your break from your grief, you may get some relief.

As a psychic medium, I have come to believe that our loved ones in spirit want us to remember them, think about them and talk to them. But they do not want us to suffer.  I do not feel that when we suffer we are hurting them, but I do feel that they are happy to see their loved ones having some fun and not being in deep pain all the time.



1. Barbara - October 22, 2008

I’m coming up on the first anniversary of losing my best friend and the love of my life to suicide. The grief has been weighing heavier than usual this past month, reliving the last weeks and days before he passed. I wish I could know that he is free of pain and that he forgives me for not being there for him like I always told him I would.

2. Diana - October 22, 2008

Hello Carole,

I am so pleased to know you will be blogging away. Being what I would define as agnostic most of my life, though always believing in the possibility of continous life, past lives, etc. that has changed as a result of losing a loved one (I wish not to type specifices in the event I receive a reading from you). It has been the most devastating time of my life, and the way it happened will haunt me forever, I’m certain. In researching mediumship and spirituality it has helped me immensely. I must say your comment “our loved ones in spirit want us to remember them, think of them and talk to them” just fortifies my belief, because I do that every day, literally.

Thank you for your gift…


3. Carole Lynne - October 22, 2008

Hi Diana,

I am sorry you have had what feels like a terrible experience.

Yes, our loved ones in spirit do like it when we talk to them, remember them and celebrate their birthdays.

4. Carole Lynne - October 22, 2008

Hello Barbara,

Any of us who read your post feel your pain. Losing a loved one to suicide has to be one of the most terrible experiences any of us can have. My heart goes out to you.

5. Jeannette - October 22, 2008

Hello! Barbara

I know that heavy feeling. We just honored the 7th month of my nieces murder. It seems like 2 weeks of the month are ok, we are coping ok and as the anniversity date approaches, you feel this amazing heaviness like someone is sitting on you. The first thing I do is acknowledge that this is a tough time of the month of me. Then I try to do something that honors my loved one memory. It can be as simple as watching their favorite movie, or donating my time in their memory. Grief is individual and we learn to cope as time marches forward. I try to remember I was blessed to have my loved one with me for 15 glorious years. The years maybe few but the love is endless.

6. shelly - October 23, 2008

Hi Carole
I emailed you last november to see what the cost was to get a reading from you, but could not afford it, but my uncle was murdered on nov 1st of 2007, and it caused the whole family so much pain, that I cannot even describe, I am 40yrs old and never knew it was possible to feel so much pain, I was very close to him,and my mother and him were very close, she talked to him every day and most times saw him every day, he had some trouble financially, and my mom had been supporting him, so not only did she lose her brother, she lost a best friend and in a way he was like her child, I did not think she was going to make it through this, seeing the pain in her eyes and her heart, was the worst, but i do beleive that he has visited us in spirit many times, I feel him near by. and that is comforting,I have talked to a coup[e psychics and they told me he was near and always watching over us. maybe someday I will be able to afford a reading with you.
till then

7. Carole Lynne - October 23, 2008

Hi Shelly,

I am glad that you feel his spirit near by. It is very comforting.

I am sure that many people have recommended to you that you be part of a grief support group, and if so I join in the chorus. I realize that when we join such groups we do not like every person who attends, but many of my clients who join such groups get alot of help and just as important THEY help the others. Often as they help others with their grief, they heal themselves.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

8. Carole Lynne - October 23, 2008

HI Jeanette,

It is wonderful that you honor the death of your loved one by watching a movie that she enjoyed or doing something else that honors her. Thank you for sharing that with us as other bloggers may receive some inspiration from you.

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