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Communicating with Spirit with Carole Lynne August 18, 2008

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Welcome.  Let’s share our experiences about the world of spirit.  It is hard to find a family or group where there is not at least one person who has had an experience with the world of the spirit: a woman has had a vision of her grandmother who passed on several years ago or a man who is ill experiences a healing that he feels is from those in the world of spirit.  All of us question ourselves: “Am I really having a communication with those in spirit or is it my imagination?” This is a good question and from my point of view, it is always important to be skeptical.  Being skeptical does not mean being closed off to the possibilities.  I have come to believe that it is possible to communicate with those who have passed over, but it took many years and many spiritual experiences before I became a believer.  I also know that there are times when our experiences are not true communications. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between a real communication and a vision prompted by emotional upset or creativity.  It is my hope that as we “blog together” we can discuss the signs of a true communication.

I would like to hear about your spiritual experiences and your thoughts on spirit communication. Welcome to my blog.

Carole Lynne


1. jo - August 31, 2008

I am grieving right now and believe I am communicating with my loved one but I don’t know how to be sure. I have these intrusive thoughts that sound like him but I have trouble believing. A medium recently told me that it is truly happening but again, I’m skeptical.

On the first occasion when I thought I experienced him, I returned home from a brief vacation, my first after his death. When I walked in the house, I found myself saying that it sucked being in the house all alone. I walked into the living room and as I walked past the piano, a candle that was placed in the middle of the piano was propelled toward the wall behind the piano and fell behind it. I wondered about his being present and began playing his music cd. I heard him and felt him encouraging me to dance and sing. We laughed and sang together and it was wonderful.

I also experienced a spirit in my backyard who compelled me to look beneath my lilac tree. There I saw a tiny yellow flower, standing amongst clovers. When I looked closer, I saw a four leaf clover to the right of the flower. I then heard the spirit (who died 1 month prior)saying it was for her son who I had recently begun dating. It was meant to be a sign to him that she was alright and wanted him to find happiness for himself. When I told him the story, he told me that happiness has eluded him in all relationships but those with his family.

What do you think?

2. Carole Lynne - September 1, 2008

I believe that spirit can communicate with us as I have had it proved to me again and again and again. So therefore, I believe that your loved one is around you and communicating.

The experiences you describe are beautiful and touch the soul. It is impossible for me to know if the candle fell off the piano because of a spiritual presence, or if there were other more natural causes. If I was doing a reading and a spirit came through who showed me an image of a candle falling off the piano, and the client then said “that is exactly what happned in my house” THEN I would know it was a real spiritual experience, because I saw it in a vision without knowing anything about it. In other words, the spirit showed me an image that the client had not told me about.

Many people want me to comment on their spiritual experiences, but outside of a reading where I am communicating with those in spirit, it is hard for me to make a judgment as I have no real evidence as to whether the experiences described to me are real or not.

One of the great difficulties we all experience when communicating with spirit, is that it is hard to know when a communication is real. That is why we go to mediums: if the medium knows nothing about you, knows nothing about those in spirit who are close to you, and can bring you information that is correct, then it proves that communication with those who have passed on is possible. While I AM a medium, I still needed to get readings from people who did not know me, to prove that communication with my loved ones was possible. Even though I am a medium, I can at times doubt my own experiences with my own loved ones in spirit.

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