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What Language Does Spirit Speak? May 5, 2010

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As a psychic medium, I do many readings for people where I communicate with the spirits who are from many different cultures and have spoken  many different languages.  When I first began to do readings, I said to a client “Your brother in spirit says that…….” and then I continued to repeat what I heard to my client. I felt I was hearing the exact words of the spirit.

Over the years I have done many readings where the spirits who have come through, did not speak English when they were living.  Yes, I hear what they are saying in English.  While names and short phrases may have come to me in a language I did not understand, but my client could translate, for the most part the messages from those who have come through who never spoke English, have come to me in English.

This experience has taught me that those in spirit are sending me information and messages in what I choose to call “energetic thought forms” and through the grace of the Infinite Spirit, these forms reach me through a spiritual telepathy, which the higher part of my consciousness is then able to understand in English. The thought is then “delivered” to my conscious mind in English, so that I can deliver the message to my client from a loved one in spirit.

I know that as a community of mediums, we all have different and varied experiences. Some mediums truly feel that they are hearing the exact words of spirit, whereas I feel I receive the words in thought forms, and then they are expressed in human language.  For me, those in spirit are now in a different spiritual form and they are not speaking to me or each other in words, but with a kind of spiritual telepathy that is far beyond words and language as we know it.  As a new medium, it felt to me as if the spirits I communicated with were like duplicates of human beings.  But the more experience I have as a medium, the more I am under the impression that while the spirits of those who communicate are individual spirits, they are now in a different form as they have evolved beyond physical life.

There are many interesting questions about how spirit communicates with us.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how spirit communicates. Please feel free to comment and share with all of us.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



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